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仲俣汐里|视频线多少钱一米At that same time, Kui head of the king's tent, step root and a few xianbei chief brows deep lock, as lyu3 bu4 expected, as temuzhen this with five hundred lives destroyed a big tribe legendary will join xianbei king's court, in xianbei king's court to bring great prestige, also let xianbei king's court below those tribes have a sense of crisis."Eldest brother, can't hesitate any longer, this battle, must fight, otherwise those who depend on our tribe, will chill!" Steps take root in a submerged channel.Cao Cao looked at it, frightened and then said with a wry smile, "Why is it so hard for Zi Yuan? Please teach me how to break the enemy!"

But see horseshoe sound, a member of the general riding a horse has rushed to the front of the male broad sea, bowstring even tremble, several follow zhang he rushed out of the general echoed, the speed of the arrow cluster almost indistinguishable to the naked eye, zhang he saw the heart, which also dare to fight again, hurriedly dial the horse head back to the city, life closed the gate.Looking at step root irrevocably left the figure, kui head suddenly some regret, after all, this is his own brother, if he really have what, don't you want to entrust the future of the whole xianbei king's court to temuzhen?"You take someone to the door, and the others will stay with me!" Xiongkuo sea eyes a sharp, will be in the hands of the copper rod to the ground, harsh voice: "Remember the Lord fair day is how to teach you?"仲俣汐里|"Hum!" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at, ignored, this is the first time he felt this rejection from the qi, not only qi, but also heaven and earth, this battle down, conference semifinals potential decline, xianbei chaos, there should be a period of brilliant xianbei qi, after the first world war, I'm afraid will be born to cut off.

仲俣汐里|Although he is a general, But Wei was not too happy, General, do is the work of civil servants, especially after learning that lyu3 bu4 dominate hetao, grassland, rushed out of the big reputation, wei always some regret, letter valley is very important, also really need general guarding, wei is not don't understand, just general should have horizontal knife immediately, take merit in the battlefield, how much let wei some buried lyu3 bu4."This …" Ule shook his head: "Temuzhen adults do not know, but according to some of the generals, Kirby can indeed be the day we left the court, with military forces north, that Kirby can know everything about the court."Urgent documents, this is cao" urgent documents written to xuchang, jun no food, our army victory is imminent! " Xu togeher laughed and said, "go, hurry up and tell the master the news!"

XiongKuo sea behind, three hundred hussars quickly formed a battle array, in front of the people with steel knives swung open the other side of the attack, the rear of a pike back and forth, will be close to the enemy hanged."Who is it!?" All smell speech, can not help but great anger, step root generous righteousness, usually in the king's court has a very high prestige, at the moment hear step root of the death of another secret, is likely to be Yin death, can not help but feel indignant.Cao cao hurriedly took xu togeher by the hand and said, "only enough for this month."仲俣汐里|




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