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小妖精好紧再浪一点|代办双软认证"General, poor don't chase!" Zhang embroidery said hurriedly shouted, only a pity, d where can still hear at this time.In the distance, seibel also found the routed army naturally."If he is willing to defect, is Yuan Pi willing to take up an official position?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at cioffi.

The shield at the gates of the subconsciously raised the shield in their hands.Build a hot air balloon or a kite or something, but it takes time and effort to do so, The risk is still very high, For the time being, The rest, lyu3 bu4 thought for a long time, Also still feel that perhaps stirring up internal contradictions is the best way, solid castle, always the easiest to break from the inside, in lyu3 bu4 view, white water qiang twelve, represents twelve different forces, according to the circumstances, stirring up contradictions, it is best to secretly accept one or two of them, so, to accept the whole white water qiang is easier.This idea, It is natural to be hungry before you know it, The sable cicada, one of the four greatest beauties of all time, with Jo on his side, coupled with the influence of the information explosion of previous generations, Although it is undeniable that at the moment of Yang Xi dressing up, softly with a bit of heroic face, let lyu3 bu4 have a momentary desire to conquer, but still far from let him boiling feeling, nature more unable to realize that these have been living in the mountains, with the beast of the qiang people young man at the moment that surprised the feeling of heaven and man.小妖精好紧再浪一点|

小妖精好紧再浪一点|Wei yan sit horses suddenly frenzy, a trace of vibration from the ground, this vibration is not from the city, but..."Get up, after the general will give you a decent identity, understand? If there is any requirement, just say, as long as it is not too much, the general will agree to you." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the look of the recovery of the cool woman, wearing a loose robe stood up and appreciated the woman's moving posture.Ezra pound shook his head and said, "that seibel is not worthy of the name, but after all, so long time, the wall could not see the figure, I'm afraid there is fraud."

Only a pity, a count down, five thousand soldiers, also in the pursuit of war, casualties nearly one thousand people, let lyu3 bu4 secretly heartache, but survived, but more than a few points have never had the fierce spirit of the past."General, what is it?" Chen xing doubts to seibel."War is rampant, and some damage is inevitable." Lyu3 bu4 cool way.小妖精好紧再浪一点|




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