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李燕菜|4d电影设备Is one of the old rivals with lyu3 bu4, regardless of political lyu3 bu4 how ridiculous, just fight, cao cao from did not dare to look down upon lyu3 bu4, with cao cao understanding of lu bu, each other can't be so look at let the yuan is suited to play a yecheng is indifferent, he was sure, lyu3 bu4 tonight there will be action, if not, the contrary oddness."The little girl don't want to use her tongue to fight with me for 300 rounds, no, with you, within ten, I can take your life!" Zhang fei will zhang eight snake spear one action, harsh voice shouted.Then cioffi sent a group of the western regions from the western regions was placed in a cunning artisan camp, collision out sparks directly help lyu3 bu4 have solved the problem of repeating crossbows, although for now, only sending three bolts, and more bulky than ordinary single crossbow, but there is no doubt that the emergence of repeating crossbows, with large-scale production, will let lyu3 bu4 troops fighting capacity to produce a qualitative change.

"Slaves? Chen gong did not understand looking at lu bu."Well!" Zhaoyun face flash a look of shame, and ganning together, bowed to a promise, turned to go."Who?"李燕菜|"Alas ~" the general saw, can only shake his head sigh, turned away.

李燕菜|"Lao guan, I know you are tired, but don't hurry. Jiang lost, help him. Lu fang, follow me." Lv bu patted the shoulder that patted tube hai, sink sound way."Roar ~""Why is that? General office, liu shi a face of vacant looking at a face of bitter son.

"But it doesn't count." Lv bu looked at the crowd, shaking his head: "I haven't shouted start you, this is your voluntary, now, in addition to li shuxiang, other below the person, corporal punishment began.If put later academic, the geomantic science that tells among them actually is a comprehensive knowledge of case object, magnetic field, force field.Lv bu also did not expect, oneself be in the trap horse pit that the great success outside the Great Wall, can so quick be used on oneself, nod a way: "slow, break the door!"李燕菜|





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